Bubble Window Bed for Your Cat

During 2017, the bubble backpack carrier became a craze for cats. Kitties lodged inside spaceship-themed backpacks are nearly everywhere and they are an adorable sight indeed. This wall mounted cat bed has a giant bubble window on it which gives a lovely perspective of your cat from a great point of view. It’s called the MYZOO Spaceship Gamma, and will carry your cat into the future while offering the house’s biggest lounging spot.

The wall mounted cat bed has a distinctive circular futuristic look and an extra-large front bubble window that gives them a glimpse of everything that happens in the space in which it is put. The cat will live a luxurious life while looking to you when you’re eating, watching TV, or petting the dog.

The cat bed is in the shape of a bubble windowed space capsule on each side. It comes on a durable stand so you can position it firmly on the floor where your pet is easily accessible. The MyZoo spaceship gamma has a larger opening on its side where you cat can get in and out, and it has 4 small holes on the other side of the bed for proper ventilation of the air. This means that adventurous cats can be perched on a wall to get a view from above. You may simply place it on a tabletop or any piece of furniture, making it ideal for a limited-space household.

The wall mounted bubble window cat bed comes in several different wood finishes to choose from, like, oak walnut, light brown, and more. You also have the option to choose whether you want the cat bed opening on the left or right side depending on the layout of your home. There’s also another version of the bubble window cat bed that is a floor-standing cat bed with two transparent domed windows on each end of the mini cat house.

The wall mounted bubble window cat bed accompanies all the mounting gear you’ll have to append it to your wall, is made of wood, the window is made of straightforward acrylic, has a weight breaking point of 33 lbs, the bed itself loads 12.5 lbs and measures 25.6 inches longx 16.5 inches in breadth. The opening distance across at the gliding feline bed side arrives at 8.6 inches in breadth.

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