Yoda Bath Towel Gives Your Child An Intergalactic Look

Imagine a scenario where you could simply escape the shower and become Yoda ordinarily of your life in a split second. That is the vision and someone got that going to your children! This Yoda Bath Towel wrap for kids has a hood that makes it appear as though your child is Yoda when they put it on and tie it around themselves!
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baby yoda bath towel

The Yoda bath towel for kids is basically a Yoda towel with a green hood appended to it which gives the green head and long ears to the side of your child Yoda. The Star Wars Yoda hooded towel even highlights hand pockets which give you the green hands of Yoda projecting from the towel ‘s side. Furthermore, the towel seems as though Yoda’s robe with a similar red belt line wrapped over its collection.

best baby yoda bath towel

Get dry with the Yoda towel you can, similar to a Jedi you need to. Yeesss. This ultra delicate towel, high quality from 100 percent cotton, utilizes a light earthy colored and olive green shading plan and highlights a two-ear hood to impersonate the famous look of the Jedi ace.

Yoda Bath Towel

best Yoda Bath Towel

Kids Bath Hooded Towel

best Kids Bath Hooded Towel

Kid Hooded Towel

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