Work Grippers Allows to Cut, Rout and Carve Without Clamps

Looking to accomplish some wood work, however don’t have any sawhorses or an approach to make things simpler to chip away at your responsibility to lift it? These remarkable work grippers from Bench Dog will grasp your wood and permit you to rout, sand, cut and carve effectively without the utilization of clamps on your wood.

Work Grippers

These grippers by Bench Dog arrive in a bundle of 4 grippers. To utilize them, just place them around each corner of your piece under your work. Without stressing over harming the wood, the grippers can lift your work piece up by 1 inch off your working territory, leaving you enough space to sand, rout, and more.

wood work grippers

With a high-fiction rubber surface, the wood work grippers are made alongside a durable heart. The grippers are likewise covered with a non-damaging elastic pad that gives them a super amazing hold that functions admirably even when using a 60-grip belt. Additionally they would not give up any traces like a clamp will do.

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