Woody Squirrel Table Gives A Corny Meal to Yard Squirrels

If we are a fool for one thing. It’s definitely special squirrel feeders. This time around it’s a mini woody squirrel table that helps your yard squirrels to sit down with their families and enjoy a nice meal as they talk about their day.

There are a few different models of the woody squirrel table squirrel feeder which are available on Amazon. Some of which can be put on the side of a fence or on a tree trunk. While others are suspended from a wire or just placed on the floor. Some of them do have a screw in the middle of the table where you can put a cob of corn to balance it on. Whereas others have a tray on the top of the table. Where you can put bird seeds, nuts, or other food for the squirrels or birds that happen to hop onto the table.

This picnic table squirrel feeder is bigger and has a standalone mount that you can put anywhere you want. It’s even enough to accommodate a family of four squirrels who can all feed and discuss their day at the same time. On top of the table are also 2 corn cob mounts.

This squirrel picnic table feeder also has 2 corn cob holders. It is made of cedar wood with a good water seal to make it last. The other one is simply a mini picnic table that you can bring in anywhere. And in the middle there is a corn cob shelf.

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