Wishbone Flip Transforms Into Rocker, Push Bike or Mini Cart

The Wishbone Flip is a bit of a transformative toy, as it tends to be a rocker, a push bicycle, or a cart driven by a little leg. You can change the toy to suit their requirements, contingent upon your youngster’s age. They can utilize it as a rocker when they’re very young, and once their legs grow somewhat more, you can turn the wheels around and let them drive it when they figure out how to walk, and they can jump on it and ride it like a cart once they’re little older. In any case, that is not to recommend that your youngster won’t utilize all the ways by which it tends to be utilized at once. To change the toy from a rocker to a roller, the Wishbone Flip uses an innovative flipping system.

Wishbone Flip

On every one of 4 of the wheels on the unit, the Wishbone Flip likewise utilizes turn wheels, which implies that your child can abound toward any direction they feel when rolling around, and even do some crazy spinning stunts if they feel so slanted. The wheels serve as a toy for your youngster to turn and play with while in rocker mode, which truly isn’t what they were intended for, yet hello, it works. Anything that prevents your child from crying.

wishbone flip bike

The Wishbone Flip is intended to last, is effectively assembled in only 5 minutes, is changed from a rocker to a roller in only seconds, and is ideal for ages 1-5. It comes in red and white tones to browse, the seat height estimates 8.6 inches from the ground when rocking, and the seat estimates 10.2 inches from the ground when riding on the wheels.

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