Wicycle Converts Instantly Into A Stroller Or Delivery Cart

You like bicycling, you like to walk your children, if there’s just a single method to consolidate these two past occasions into one awesome unit. Alright, on the grounds that you’re on this page as of now, you presumably effectively found that there is one, and it’s known as the Wike. It mixes a bicycle with a stroller, so you can ride around with your children at the front and walk if you need to, it effectively changes over directly into a stroller that you can push in unimportant seconds.

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The Wike is the first Wicycle on the planet to transform without stops into a stroller, in spite of the fact that it can likewise be utilized as a distribution cart for a progressively beneficial method of utilizing it. If you regularly need to switch between cycling longer distances and strolling to go inside or through stores, it is perfect for use in the downtown.


The Wike stroller’s front can oblige up to 2 children, and has clasps and seat straps to keep them set up during use. Loading and unloading their youngsters without twisting their back or open any doors is too simple for the guardians. The top shelter can be left open or shut in order to keep the sun or rain out. The kids’ front window can either be left with a phone open or shut with a plastic strip to additionally secure against wind and rain.

wike stroller

Just get off the bike, adjust the left wheel properly, open the lock and move the front bin in reverse while moving the bicycle seat forward to one side to change over the bicycle to stroller mode. At the point when it fits properly and locks, in only a couple of moments you will be in stroller mode on your way.

Wike stroller

The changing stroller Wicycle comes completely amassed upon delivery with no assembly required, you’ll simply need to modify the handlebars and seat to your favored tallness. The stroller quantifies only 32 inches wide with the goal that it fits effectively through any standard door, weighs 85 lbs, has a most extreme limit of 100 lbs, is made of a steel casing and measures 90 inches wide 23 inches x 25 inches tall.

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