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Waving Cat Statue- Sign of Good Fortune


Waving cat statue or fortune cats, also known as happy cats, money cats and Maneki Neko statue. The cats are well known as a symbol of good fortune. This concept originated from Japan and Maneki Neko is the Japanese name given to the cats. With passage of time, it has become popular in China and other Asian countries. It is widely believed that these bring good luck to a person. These sparkling cat decorations are one of the essential items to keep in homes, shops and offices.

The new Maneko Neko cat has been introduced which offers both massive gains and good luck with its super buff. It is perfect ornament for decoration purpose and is thought to believe happiness and good luck along with beckoning greeting. It poses a great charm; the super buff charm will inspire you to live with coolest and strongest dreams.

The Asian waving cat statue is almost eight inches by nine inches and weight around 4.5 pounds. There is another version of it which is larger and scales about 11.5 inches by 12.6 inches and it weighs about 9 pounds. The lucky cat ornament is available in white and golden color. The key feature is the gold and red adornment around its neck. The money token is red and black for the golden cat statue and black and gold for the white cat.

Whenever you feel down with your luck you can refer to the classy inspiration seeing the buffy arm of the enchanting cat. Often both arms are raised but once the left paw is raised it is likely to bring more customers towards a business. If the right paw is raised this means that it will bring more money and good fortune. Such kind of figures were seen in early 1850s in Japan. Often, with such cat ornaments the story is associated that a wealthy man was saved when a cat beckoned him away from a tree that got struck by a lightning. The cat led the man to the temple and as thanks giving gesture against his life save he gave money to the temple which became statue of honor of the cat.


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