Watermelon Slicer Cuts Melon In Seconds

Imagine a scenario where I disclosed to you that, in a matter of seconds, you could go from putting a whole watermelon on your counter to eating slice after slice. This amazing slicer of watermelon empowers you to do precisely that. In addition to the fact that it will make it a lot quicker to eat watermelon, yet it likewise resembles a ton of fun and entirely pleasant to utilize.

Watermelon slicer melon cutter

Not exclusively can the unique monster watermelon slicer be utilized to cut watermelon, it likewise functions admirably for cantelopes, pineapples, honeydew, and numerous different sorts of fruits. You can likewise utilize it as an apple and a little fruit slicer also. An incredible blessing thought for guardians of kids who enjoy watermelon consumption, the great melon slicer can cut any melon into 12 equivalent parts effortlessly, or somebody who simply cherishes sliced melons.

Watermelon slicer

In addition to hard plastic handles, the watermelon slicer is made of tempered steel, can rapidly cut through intense melon skin like butter, and will have the option to cut through any melon with a greatest distance across of 10 inches. It is exceptionally solid, incorporates a safety guard to ensure the cutting edges when not being used, is alright for speedy cleaning, is top dishwasher rack, and measures 15 inches in length with the handles x 10 inches wide.

best Watermelon slicer melon
watermelon slicer
Watermelon Slicer Melon Cutter Knife
best watermelon Slicer Melon Cutter Knife
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