Water and Snow Resistant Car Cover

If you don’t belong from a place where it snows, see yourself as blessed. I don’t know what our forefathers were thinking building a society in such a spot, that actually has snowfall half of the year, where snow remains so much on the ground that you can’t even think to walk or move your body at all. But if you’re a fool like me, you might want to cover up your car before a snowfall so that you don’t need to go through the initial 20 minutes of your 3-hour trip to job that is 2 miles away scratching ice off your car like a wild man. The car snow cover fits most of the cars, trucks and autos and has magnets around the edges to keep the cover properly fixed. This snow cover for car is made up of polyester and measures 48″ x 60″ and has 12″ side flaps. Now the only invention we need is some kind of snow cover for the driveway.

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