Wall Mounted Urinal Funnel for Kids

I used to ask why homes washrooms never contained urinal in them. And afterward, for a couple of moments, I pondered it and arrived at the resolution that your washroom would possess a smell like a bathroom at the corner store constantly. That doesn’t mean, however, that children can’t get the upside of instructing themselves to pee in a trendy, pleasant, and urinal feature.

Wall Mounted Urinal Funnel

This current children’s urinal training can be set on the bathroom floor or mounted on the wall, and is a one of a kind and fun path for your kid to begin peeing alone without a diaper on. The urinal design is intended to appear as though somewhat of a frog when you pee into it’s mouth.

Wall Mounted Urinal Funnel for kid

Best of all, the urinal training has at its inside a touch of turning water wheel gadget that turns around as you pee at it. It should enable your child to enjoy potty training, and give them a positive thing to focus on to keep them peeing in the urinal.

Wall Mounted Urinal Funnel for device

The spinning urinal toy training is appropriate for kids aged 8 months to 6 years, has suction cups on its back to handily mount onto your bathroom wall, comes in blue or green colors to look over, is made of ecologically well disposed, non-poisonous plastic and measures 13.8 inches tall x 9 inches in length x 8.3 inches wide.

Pee Training Device Standing Chamber
best Wall Mounted Urinal Funnel
Wall Mounted Urinal Funnel for children
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