Wall Mounted Umbrella Saves Space on Your Deck

People often have the most luxurious homes to live in but sometimes their yards and gardens may still lack some alluring style. Every balcony or garden needs a fancy umbrella that can provide shade. This makes quite easier to sit and have fun in yards, garden and decks. The wall mounted umbrella is one ideal accessory that provide several hours of shade with beautiful and nice extendable patio umbrella.

Wall Mounted Umbrella

Best of all is wall mounted patio umbrella that can extend up to 6 feet from the wall and it shade extends up to 7 feet in diameter. The umbrella’s post is almost 26 inches tall and once folded up to the wall it measures about 37 inches. It takes less space on the wall.
The wall mounted outdoor umbrella is made from light aluminum. The telescoping patio umbrella features a polyester umbrella shade that’s weatherproof.  It is especially perfect for sunny days in the yard.

Wall Umbrella

It features a tilting aluminum frame for the umbrella shade itself. You can customize the particular angle you want for any space where you’ll be hanging out. Outdoor umbrella attached to wall is not only perfect for the patio or balcony. It can also be used on gazebos, decks, outdoor markets, pergolas, beaches, swimming pools, and business or café patios, among other places.

wall mounted patio umbrella

What makes it the best wall mounted umbrella is that is takes very less space. It provides a nice shade and makes your deck or patio look cool. You can even enjoy a good nap under its shade. The swinging arm of the wall umbrella lets you move it with the sun. It can be folded up precisely against your wall when not in use. The wall mounted umbrella comes in different color that you can choose from to fit your exterior home design perfectly.

outdoor wall umbrella

The wall-mounted umbrella is not only perfect for the  balcony, but it can also be used on outdoor markets, beaches, swimming pools, and business or among other places.

best wall mounted umbrella

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