USB Heated Seat Gives You Backrest

There’s nothing worst than sitting in a bleacher seat in a deep autumn to freeze almost to death. They’re completely made of metal, obviously, however they can’t get any colder. This heated bleacher seat cushion is the solution to your prayers in pre-winter and earl spring at your children sporting events when it’s simply not warm enough to sit for 2 hours on a slab of metal.

USB Heated Seat

As it’s called, the Hot Seat is self-promoted as the world’s first USB driven heated bleacher seat, and not exclusively would it be able to warm your seat when sitting on bleacher seats at occasions, however it will likewise give you a genuine backrest that is absent for all bleachers.

Hot Seat

Any portable battery can power the USB heated bleacher seat, so you can simply plug the seat hotter into any rechargeable USB battery and power the seat any place you are. You can keep your seat warmed for more than 7 hours, relying upon the intensity of the battery you use.

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