Unique Shower Curtain Lets You Have An Entertaining Bath!

I bet you’ve always wanted to have a shower with your phone? Yeah, you should. Someone has come up with the brilliant idea out there. Give that guy a cookie, whoever it is, because this is cool. If you’re addicted to your phone just like us, you might even take it with you in the shower. Your phone isn’t too far away, right, whether it’s on the throne or jumping in the shower. What if, even when you are in the shower, you could keep the mobile party going? This unique shower curtain has several pockets where your mobile or tablet can be placed according to your height. But wait, it gets better, you can go portrait or landscape. That is almost too hard to stop buying more.
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The unique shower curtain is stacked with various sized pockets on the outside of the curtain’s back side. So, you can put your tablet at any spot you pick. Also, in case you’re normally left in the back of your tub, or right in the front. You can still have your smartphone in front of you. In this way you can generally have your tablet at eye level, as well.

How Shower Curtain Works:

The shower curtain holding your smartphone or tablets is completely transparent, with outside pockets that permit you to slip your gadgets in. And direct them toward you while you’re showering. Rather, you can utilize your smartphone or tablet to watch videos, search the web, send messages or instant messages or play games by means of the shower curtain.

Since your gadgets go in on the back of the shower curtain. Your cell phones and tablets on the other side of the curtain should remain dry and safe from the spray. It is made of the thickest 8-gage EVA material that keeps your devices secure in each of the pockets.

The tablet holding shower shade is said to match each size smartphone and tablet including the extra-large iPad Pro. It estimates 70 inches in length x 70 inches tall. It very well may be cleaned with a material or delicate wipe. And joins to your shower shaft utilizing any normal shower pole hooks.

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