Unique Hanging Tent

Hammocks are extremely awesome as they provide a unique feeling of comfort. It feels quite adventurous to hang in air.  The New Haven Tent Hammock lets you lie flat and sleep out in wilderness. It adds value to your camping experience and with custom air mattress you can lay completely. Blending a perfect combination of camping, the hammock tent uses a hanging wire, connected to two trees where the hammock hangs from and gives a perfect laying experience while being outdoors.

hammock tent

The Haven Camping Hammock features a storage and pocket areas. There is even a holder for you to enjoy your drink as well. This makes it one of the best camping gears to have it on outdoor adventure trips.

Haven Camping Hammock tent

The hammock has an additional feature too which is the zip-up mosquito net to defeat the bugs and harsh weather conditions. The blue ridge Haven Tent Hammock takes very less space and ideal for a single person.

camping hammock tent

The next time you are on the adventure trip you can take this lightweight thing along with you and enjoy a short nap at least while hanging in the air. Setting it up is very easy and overall, it can be unfolded with the help of two strong trees. Wrap the straps around the trees and strap on the head side too because the head weight is high than the feet.

hammock hot tent

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