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Unique Dinosaur Table Lamp- Perfect for Kid’s Room

The dinosaur is the amazing stuff for most kids, whether it is in the movie form or in toy form, it always amuses kids. In order to have a room dinosaur décor you might be interested in seeing a dinosaur table lamp made out of wood. The additional feature it has; it is adjustable and offers a perfect lighting to have some reading and writing stuff to do. This is ideal for bedroom and study rooms, even this can be an interesting addition on the office table.
The stylish posable dinosaur lamp emits an LED light as well. The lamp has three light variations: low, medium and high. High intensity of light is fit for reading, writing and getting work done. Whereas, the lowest light power is usually used as a comfortable ambient light.

Dinosaur lamp Dinosaur table lamp


Wooden dino lamp uses a 6W 2700K LED chip light source to provide consistent light that can also save enough electricity bill. With easy to set instructions, the wooden dinosaur lamp doesn’t even require to be assembled. Simply use the allen keys to tighten pards to adjust the shape of the lamp.
Wisely crafted lamp is prepared from ash wood grain and it perfectly fits as a room décor. Highly durable and eye-catching piece of art is presented to you as in dino-shaped lamp.

Wooden dino lamp dog shape lamp

The unique shaped lamp and adjustable décor comes in two color light wood and black walnut. The posable lamp can take a shape of sitting, standing dog and more. This makes it look cute and at the same time it perfectly takes a compact space in your bedroom, office or living room.
Also, the lamp is considerably long, the cord measures 1.5 meter long which provides additional convenience. Let the traditional style lamp be replaced with Dinosaur Table Lamp and let the light shine brightly in the room.
dino table lamp


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