Unique Chess Set Creates New York’s Layout On Chess Board

Nothing looks like an all around planned chess board. It’s feasible I enjoy the looks and design of unique chess boards, more than playing the game really. This most unique chess set uses chess pieces that looks like changed New York City high rises. And once setup makes the New York skyline directly on either side of the chess board.
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Unique Chess Set

The kings utilize the tower of freedom. Which estimates 8 inches tall on the wall. A few pieces incorporate the Empire State Building (Queens), the Chrysler Tower (Bishops), the Flatiron Tower (knights), the Guggenheim Museum (rooks), and Brownstone Houses (pawns).

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The New York City horizon chess set accompanies a 16 inch x 16 inch collapsing chess board, 32 pieces formed like NYC designs cast in shaped acrylic infusion. It is an ideal gift for any individual who cherishes New York City, who adores design, or who adores or gathers one of a kind chess sheets.

New York City horizon chess set

A similar company likewise makes a chess board with pieces molded like the London skyline, with designs including the Canary Wharf (rulers), the Shard building (sovereigns), the London Eye (knights), Big Ben (rooks), and a column of terraced houses (peonies).

best New York City horizon chess set

Each unique chess set city skyline accompanies an advantageous showcase box that serves as the chess set storage box. It’s made in great highly contrasting shading plans. And it estimates 17 inches in length x 9.25 inches wide x 2 inches thick when stuffed in the package.

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