Unique Beer Koozie Shotguns Beer Anytime You Need!

How often have you drank your beer and out of nowhere do you have the inclination to shotgun the rest? This occurs around 2 to 3 times each day for me. Luckily, I have one of a kind unique beer koozie that gives you the alternative to shotgun your beer at whatever point your beer advances.
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Unique Beer Koozie Shotguns

Simply place your beer inside the koozie to utilize the Flowzie similarly as you would for any normal koozie beer, at that point open your beer not surprisingly. When you want to shotgun your lager at any second, simply press the koozie’s side button and it will cut a gap in the can ‘s edge, permitting air to escape uninhibitedly. That will let the booze out of your gullet as quickly as time permits.

best Unique Beer Koozie Shotguns

This unique beer koozie not just encourages you to drop your beer in only a couple of moments by squeezing the size of it in the handle, yet it additionally goes about as a typical brew koozie to keep your beer additional cold, while keeping your hand decent and toasty while getting your beer.

unique beer koozie

The main thing you need to ensure is that when you press the shotgun beer button on the koozie. The button faces outwards, and you simply press it when you’re as of now drinking with the goal that the brew doesn’t complete the cut you’ve done.

best unique beer koozie


The beer koozie with the discretionary shotgun click. Arrives in a lot of various hues and designs to browse. And it is made of thick froth to protect your beer totally and save it cold for quite a while and will suit most 12 oz jars.

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