Unicorn Slippers Light Up With Colors With Each Step

These unicorn slippers light up with mysterious shadings on every unicorn’s cheek with each step you take. So if you’re searching for something somewhat less diverting than a sound effect with each step you take, these unicorn slippers are a pleasant center ground between the slippers making irritating noise, and simply regular slippers that do nothing but really keep your feet warm.

Unicorn Slippers

Based on the amount you use them and the number of steps you take, the light-up unicorn slippers are controlled by 4 CR2023 batteries that are incorporated and will last between 4-6 months. Which I would state, from the looks of you, would keep going for some time. The unicorn shoes are very agreeable, must be washed on the place with a damp towel (no clothes washers), and are one-size-fits-most-people (up to size 12 for ladies).

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