Unicorn Candle Holder Cries Colorful Waxy Tears When lit

All sort of tears are sad to see, except if obviously they’re tears of satisfaction. Yet we can’t resist feeling a little sad for this unicorn who can’t quit sobbing tears loaded up with rainbow. Essentially light the unicorn candle holder and watch the streams of tears of distress pour from its two magnificent eyes. The longer the cry from the Rainbow River, the more she becomes like a genuine horse. If you consume an entire unicorn horn flame you’ll get the best outcomes. A cloud-shaped saucer assembles the unicorn tears securely so you won’t shout out attempting to get the wax out of your grandma’s doily.
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Unicorn Candle Holder

You may imagine that unicorns get clean with soap and water like everything else but to clean Rainbow River. You need to put her and the cloud saucer she lives on in the oven for a few minutes at low heat. Expel it, and essentially wipe away the liquefied tears which means wax.

crying unicorn candle holder

You’ll get one unicorn candle holder figurine and a cloud-molded saucer that gathers her melted tears when you buy Rainbow River! Together, these are in measurements of 6.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches and weigh around 1.25 pounds. There are additionally two enchanted rainbow unicorn horn candles you’ll get.

unicorn candle holder figurine

If you are planning some genuine crying for your future. It’s suggested you purchase a box of unicorn tears to go with Rainbow River. Also, in case you’re getting the birthday blues or a smiling situation with tears. This crying unicorn will be there as your enthusiastic candle keeper.

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