Ultra-trendy Sunglasses Opens Wine In Ever-so Classical Way!

When you are out at a BBQ, taken in a fresh six pack, and then realized that you had forgotten the opener to open your drinks but have these rugged sunglasses complete with polarized lenses that offer less glare and enhanced light. It’s difficult to accept they accomplish more than make you look alluringly chic. Yet, each time you’re in the sun with your most loved beer. These awful young men act the hero with a secret bottle opener. These sunglasses have a bottle opener designed directly into the glass ear frame. So, when you’re out in the warmth and need to open your brew, simply remove your shades and snap your brew open and still look astounding while you’re doing it. They state need is the mother of creation and these ultra-trendy sunglasses demonstrate that is something beyond a quirky expression.
Unicorn Bottle Opener

Ultra-trendy Sunglasses

The bottle opener sunglasses are produced using aviation grade titanium with a dark defensive layer covering that is utilized on boring tools to oppose scraping, defacing, focus on and other harm. The shades have a bottle opener on every ear piece, are back weighted so they won’t sneak off your face. And are temperature safe with the goal that when they get sweltering in the sun, they won’t soften your face away.

best Ultra-trendy Sunglasses

The ultra-trendy sunglasses are matte-dark in shading. Highlights polarization of the cutting edge for less glare and upgraded light. They are made with a lot of glasses of the wayfarer model. And have 100 percent UV insurance, accompany a carrying case and can twist to coordinate any human head.

bottle opener sunglasses

best bottle opener sunglasses

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