Ultimate Traveler Shirt – An Iconic Way to Communicate!

If you’ve traveled anywhere then you’ll realize that language is always the greatest obstacle. Imagine that you are traveling abroad – somewhere distant, where you don’t have the foggiest idea about the language.  In a fractured dialect you wonder where the bus station is. They have no clue what that way to you. You attempt to talk and they simply continue shaking their heads. Would could it be that now? You’re stuck before somebody who communicates in your language can be recognized, or you can attempt to discover it out yourself, however relying upon where you’re going. But in reality, the answer is right before us. An ultimate traveler shirt designed particularly for explorers around the globe, uses a lot of symbols imprinted on the front of the shirt that you can highlight help speak with fundamental needs.
Book “How to Swear Around the World”

traveler's t-shirt

The icons include food, water, car, bus, phone, airport, time, police and much more. Sure you most likely won’t have an interesting discussion with anybody wearing the shirt, however when you are desperate it will assist you with getting by.

best traveler's t-shirt

An ultimate traveler shirt named IconSpeak t-shirt comes in a traditional men’s t-shirt, a men’s v-neck t-shirt, a men’s tank-top and a women’s t-shirt version. The shirts are available in a range of colors to choose from, as well as sizes varying from small to XXL.

 international traveler's t-shirt

best international traveler's t-shirt

best travel t shirts

travel t shirts


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