Tricera Taco Holder – Enjoy Eatable Treats

There might be too many types of taco holders in the market. These are designed differently, some are for burgers, some for sandwiches, French fries etc. The new tricera taco stand is like dinosaur shaped. The typical tricera taco holder comes with a dip set. The new name given to the dinosaur shape is NACHOsaurus! It is a stegosaurus which has an open bowl of snack on its back. The food can be perfectly placed in it and interestingly if you place the Finger chips or tortillas in it, this looks perfect and gives somewhat like a real look of a dinosaur with pointed back.

tricerataco holderTricera Taco Holder

Now pour your favorite dip, salsa or guacamole and enjoy the perfect treat. The dinosaur bowl and dip bowl are good together. You can carry it outdoors and even invite friends at home and enjoy chips or popcorn, Doritos or pretzels in it. The dinosaur shape captures the attention of kids, this can be an ideal gift for dinosaur lovers and can be used as snack vessel. The stuff that is used for making it is a food sage ABS plastic, which is lead free and phthalate free to meet all food safety guidelines. The dinosaur tricera taco holder measures 9inches long x 4.2inches tall.

where to buy tricerataco taco holder animal taco holder

The animal taco holder is a spicy disposition that can bring meal time fun. The material plastic is safe to be placed in dishwasher. Who knew the dinosaurs can make good taco holders. This cool TriceraTACO Taco Holder can be among your purchase list and currently available for USA and Canada. No doubt it is perfect for kids, but not a restriction on elders, they can enjoy crunchy tacos too voraciously and give a loud roar on the eating table. Shop online and place an order for amazing item via


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