Trendy Smartphone Fan – An Ultimate Gift for Selfie Lovers

This mini will interface with your smart phone’s storage port and blow a fan in your face. If you happen to like your hair being tousled and blowing in air all around when you’re taking selfies. Or perhaps you’re only somewhat warm and need an air in your face when you’re outside on a hot day. Though extremely low, despite the fact that hitting speed of up to 16,000 RPM. This trendy smartphone fan can relegate a considerable amount of a air.
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On both Android phones and iPhones. A trendy smartphone fan is available and both styles should also work with their mobile counterparts. The smart phone fan comes in a multitude of different colors to choose from. Along with other choices that have characters like Captain America on them, or Hello Kitty. The cutting edge and the fan’s body self-destruct with the goal that you can easily slip it into your pocket or purse when it isn’t being used. Turn on automatically when connected to your cell phone. Each fan has 2 separate sharp edges each estimating 1.5 inches long. And the whole fan gauges around 3.5 inches x 1.6 x 1.6 inches.

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