Treat Activity Toy Releases Dog Treats Slowly As Time Goes By!

Tikr is a dog toy that as time passes by, gradually delivers dog treats. How it functions is that both the external shell and the internal shell of the toy have three holes. The internal shell works like an egg clock that turns around for somewhere close to 5 minutes and 45 minutes and will deliver dog treats. Dog treats are permitted to spill out if the dog is sufficiently keen to get them out when the holes on the external shell and inward shell coordinate.

kong tikr pet toy

The holes additionally start small and get more extensive over the long haul so when just the first opening lines up, they won’t really have the option to get all the treats out. You can utilize 3 distinct sizes of treats that spill out for their relating hole sizes for ideal use.

kong tikr dog toy

Tikr was born after dog toys stopped holding the attention of the maker of the toy dog. He was unable to find any stimulating dog toys that kept going long enough for his dog to play with for more than a few couple of moments prior to losing interest. Before he needs a top off, Tikr will keep your dog engaged and off of your mind for at least 45 minutes.

tikr pet treat toy

The time release treat dispenser is completely worked for the own personal treats they sell from Tikr, however you can likewise pick any treats or even kibble to put inside it. Tikr is made of a food-safe elastic like blend that is exceptionally strong, flexible, and simple to use on the teeth of your canine. Best of everything it doesn’t utilize any gadgets or batteries, so your dog doesn’t need to stress over running into something they shouldn’t.

Kong tikr
dog treat toy
tikr dog treat toy
tikr dog toy


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