Travel Pet Bowl Fits in Car’s Cupholder

This dog water bowl properly called the “To Go Bowl” fits in one of your car’s cupholders and encourages your dog to drink water when driving in the car and stay hydrated during long vehicle trips. Your dog will drink anyplace they are, whether your dog is sitting in advance or being consigned to the back seat, expecting you have a cupholder back there. In addition, with the nature of the water cup, it is impervious to spills and potentially won’t spill water except if you collide with a wall, however by then a little spilt water will be the most trivial part of your issues.

Travel Pet Bowl

The top of the bowl is more extensive so the nose of your dogs can get in there to drink the water, and slimmer on the base so it fits snuggly into the cupholder of your car. The travel dog water dish for the car even has a compartment beneath the water bowl to store a limited quantity of food or treats, ideal for long outings in the vehicle. The cupholder connection can be taken out from the bowl until you get to your objective, so you can utilize it typically on a level surface and take out the food put away beneath.

dog water bowl

The To Go dog water bowl cupholder dish fits firmly into practically any measured cup holder, has an adaptable top that can be set on while not being used, works with dogs of all ages, and is made of plastic liberated from BPA. The car dog bowl can hold up to 32 oz of fluid, however it is possibly encouraged to fill it most of the way to diminish spilliage when driving, it arrives in a variety of shadings to browse, and makes your dog the ideal blessing thought.

To Go Bowl
To Go dog water bowl cupholder dish
water bowl cupholder dish for dog
To Go dog water
To Go dog water bowl
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