Touch-Less Vacuum Sucks Up Anything It Senses

The Eye-Vac is an automatic touch-less vacuum that causes you to brush debris close to it, clearing up whatever it feels before it. The fundamental point of the Eye-vac is to be a vacuum, like the Bruno Smart Trash Can that we’ve highlighted before, which is a trash bin that auto-vacuums anything put before it.


If you have two frightful dogs that bark and run through any pile of dust, leaving a pile of dust and dirt spread over your kitchen floor constantly, somehow worse than when anyone began to clear. However, with the Eye-Vac, you can basically sweep it easily into the base of the unit, without beginning a pile or even get on your hand or knees to attempt to sweep it into a dustpan.

touchless home vacuum

The Eye-Vac touch-less home vacuum can clear 100% of the dust, soil, hair, and garbage that is quickly placed before it, and there is no compelling reason to turn a switch or wait for it to be done because its already on. Basically put dirt before the unit, and it will sense it and suck it up automatically. The system will stop automatically until the trash before it has been cleared. Although you can likewise pick a manual arrangement where, if you like, you can flip a change to turn it on and off yourself.

Eye-Vac touch-less home vacuum

The touchless home vacuum has a reusable and washable channel that you can use again and again, has a simple dump canister that rapidly eliminates the dirt into the garbage, has a 1000 watt engine, utilizes an AC connector to plug into the wall, loads 11.7 lbs, and measures 18 inches tall x 12 inches x 7 inches.

automatic touch-less vacuum
Touch-Less Vacuum
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