Toilet Time Golf Game

Toilet Time Golf Game

There are avid lovers of golf lovers around the world. Also, it is among the most expensive sports of the world. But the one going to be presented today is totally hilarious. What is posted today allows a person to practice golf while being on the toilet seat. The toilet golf game has regained much fame in less time period. It lets you practice the skills while you defecate. The toilet golf set is designed is designed with all needed accessories such as green mini carpet to provide a smooth surface to push the balls to the hole from a golf stick. Get ready to ground on the green and use the toilet golf putter to push the balls in a green cup with a flag.

toilet golf

The playful sports come with a cup with a flag, two golf balls, a putter and “do not disturb” sign which you can hang on a door so that no one disturbs you while you perform your business. The toilet game has many names, no matter what you call it. It is meant to bring a funny experience to the golfers and crazy conversations whoever sees it. If you have the golf addiction you should try bringing it in home and more specifically to your toilet and make yourself practice. See it as a perfect solution ease your bathroom visits.

potty putter

The game set is easy to install around a toilet bowl and the potting hole you can place at a distance preferred. Potty Putter Toilet sports is seen a healthier activity than just reading a newspaper in the bathroom. To other who favor having a time passing activity in a washroom define it a calorie burning activity and enjoyable stay at toilet. The sporty kit is up for sale, order now and set the ground for standard toilet golf balls.

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