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Meat Tenderizer – Hold to Possess The Power of Thor

Thor and Star Wars have become the Krusty the Klown of item endorsements, and no end is in sight. Presently you can add this Thor meat tenderizer to your list. In any event this one is really significant, since it is basically utilized as a hammer/pounding instrument.

thor meat tenderizer

Presently you can make the meat delicate like a genuine God. This meat tenderizer is shaped simply like Thor’s Hammer and highlights a silicone grip handle for extra grippiness, metal spikes on each side of the hammer for extra softening capacity, and the hammer includes the engraved words on the sledge “Whoever holds this hammer, if they are worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”.

Meat Tenderizer of thor

The Thor Hammer meat tenderizer is formally affirmed from Marvel, is made of tempered steel, is suggested for hand-wash just, and measures 7.5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 2 inches thick. An extraordinary blessing thought for nerds or Thor lovers who consistently soften their own meat. The Thor hammer softening meat works extraordinary on steak, chicken, poultry, pork, and more, it weighs 12 oz, and furthermore includes a circle toward the finish of the hammer to hang it effectively when not being used.

Thor Hammer meat tenderizer
best Thor Hammer meat tenderizer
Thor meat tenderizer set
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