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Water Hammer Bottle Designed as Thor’s Weapon

Last time you and I saw that hammer of the THOR, was when Hulk and Iron Man couldn’t lift it up. But you and I can lift this hammer easily.
Check out the bottle up for sale and shaped as Hammer. Yes, it is the hammer of the Thor that is designed like a bottle.
The bottle idea came into reality with the inspiration of marvel hero Thor who carries his hammer as his weapon.
Movie lovers and Thor fans you can have the amazing and trendy bottle now just for few bucks.

The water bottle can hold a capacity of 1.2 liters and holds the right amount of water for outdoor activities.
It is very ideal to carry along in the gym, for exercise and on camping. The shape of hammer catches most of the attention of the audience and it is made from PETG plastic. The stuff is odorless, non-toxic and rated food grade. It is reusable, safe plastic and quite durable as well.

Thor Hammer Water Bottle come in black and blue color. Now you can possess the accessory and take it along on camping and picnics too.
The hammer bottle is an ideal gift for the kids as well, also the adults can carry along when the do work outs in gym or are outdoor for sports. People who like to keep up with the fashion trends can accessorize it and do not have to worry about water leakage.

It has a nice pattern on the bottle neck, which makes easy grip and convenient to hold. Overall, it measures 11.81 inches form top to bottom. It is 3.54 inches wide and has a length of 7.09 inches. The amazing shape bottle can fulfill your daily needs as it holds enough water. A cool stuff to possess and carry along to keep your thirst away.



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