This Unique Programmed Fan is Perfect for Keeping Bugs and Flies Away from Your Food


The start of summer marks a tidal wave of flies trying to make their way in door. You might tightly seal your house and cover every door, window, nook and cranny – but that’s no way to live, how can we get rid of flies outside the house? This ingenious programmed spinning fan with smooth bladed device can repulse flies from getting around your food. What part is the best? In the event that you go in for food yourself, it’s delicate enough that it stops spinning effectively without you seeing a thing, and starts back up again once you expel your hand.


It’s known as the ShooAway, and an Australian created it as a substance free, smell free, and child safe method for keeping pesky bugs from arriving on your food when outside. The fly-anti-agent’s fan is perfect for BBQ arrangement, table setting, hotel use and more. It’s incredible for flies being a genuine try to anyplace.

How the ShooAway programmed fan works is by spinning soft and flexible blades automatically around its base which safely stop spinning on contact. But each blade also features a series of dots that refract the light from coming nearby to further discourage the flies. With the combined spinning blades and refracting lines, it simulates a swiping hand that will fly away the flies immediately.

Each fly-repelling fan is powered by 2 AA batteries so it is fully cord-free, and will last on the batteries for about 30 hours. Be sure to switch off the ShooAway once the food on your table is gone to save on battery power.

ShooAway programmed fan is not only perfect for keeping flies off your food, it also keeps flies away above the fan, so if you’re sitting near the fan, you can enjoy the benefits of not getting flies buzzing around you or landing on you while trying to eat, drink or talk.

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