Unique Motion Activated Light

Have you ever got up in the night to find the light switch and stumble around? Would you think that if children get up, they would have to do the same? Well we came across this amazing bed light that solves these and many more problems. The Motion Activated Bed Light fixes under your bed and switches on when it senses movement. It can be used in bedrooms, toilets, stairs or anywhere you need additional light.

The motion activated bed night light will give a distinctive and unique expertly planned look to your room, meanwhile being quite practical and useful. Not just valuable for under beds, the night-light likewise works great in other dim regions that you might want to enlighten in obscurity while moving reasonably, as under a baby cot, under the sink of the washroom, and so on.

The motion activated light has an auto-off feature which can be switched off automatically until activated, which can be changed from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. You can fix the night light very easily and without any resources you need, in just a few minutes.

The motion activated bed night light gives 30,000 hours of utilization (3.4 years of day by day use), is dimmable, accompanies 2 feet of encompassing LED light strips, 2 cable clips to cover the wires, 3 M self-glue strips, a standard 110v plug and uses 80 percent less power than a conventional light.


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