Unique Drink Holder Glove

With the Beer Mitt, keep your hand warm and your beer cold–the first beer holder glove in the world! This special glove, like other coolers, can help insulate your beer. But because it covers your entire hand, when it’s a bit chilly it’s great for hiking, fishing, tailgating or just relaxing with friends. These unique koozie drink holder gloves are a pair of winter mitts designed to hold your beer in the winter without making your hand cold.


Of course, you may try to hold a beer in your standard gloves with an isolated thumb, or even regularly winter gloves, yet that beer will be on the ground rapidly after it drops out of your larger than usual glove since you can’t fold your fingers over it all the way.

You might need to invest into one of these splendid beer holding gloves if you wind up in the dead of winter with awful gloves that simply don’t make it easy to hang to a can or bottle of beer! Or if you need to utilize this progressive innovation in the Summer, there’s additionally a variation of a fingerless glove with an inherent koozie feature.


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