Llama Spits Pepper Spray

If you ever find yourself face to face with an attacker, a pepper spray can help you fend off the bad guy and beat a precipitous retreat. Yet just because you’re having a can of pepper spray on your key-chain doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be ugly. Why not go for a llama-shaped one? This adorable looking self-defense spray of llama shaped acts like a real llama, an animal known to spit as a show of dominance.

The llama spits pepper spray can be utilized as a key-chain for simple use while walking to or from your vehicle, or can be appended to the outside of a handbag or clutch for snappy use. The llama pepper spray has an opening on the rear of his head where you can stick your finger and pull down to spray the pepper spray from the llama’s mouth.

The llama spits pepper spray has a 10-foot spitting range, and up to 25 bursts of nasty pepper spray will shoot. So just simply tap down on the red switch which opens the llama’s mouth, at that point you can push down on the highest point of the pepper spray to discharge the shower into your attacker’s eyes and face. This device is not a toy, given its playful appearance, and has a safety lock on it to prevent accidental deployment.


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