Waterproof Glamping Tents

Spending your holidays camping or engaging in other outdoor activities can be a life-changing experience. Nevertheless, to make it out there, you’ll need glamping tent which is full of all the things you currently have at home, including a king size bed, a TV, a Roomba DJ and an ice cream maker. Well for all these, waterproof glamping tent is Perfect for you. It’s an enormous tent that gives you huge amount of space to set up all that you truly don’t require for camping or outdoor festivities.

The waterproof glamping tent is a canvas tent in bell style that can be utilized for long-term or short-term, and can likewise be utilized in a wide scope of situations, permitting you to camp serenely in all four seasons. A natural waterproofing and breathability are given by the cotton canvas material that the tent is comprised of. Moreover, a canvas treatment gives waterproofing, together with mold and UV resistance.

The glamping tent comes in three distinct sizes, an enormous 16.4-foot width tent with 211 square feet of room inside, a medium 13.1 breadth tent with 135 square feet of room inside, in addition to a little 9.8-foot diameter tent with 75 square feet of room inside.

For normal 4-persons tents giving approximately 60 square feet, even the smallest variation gives considerably more space to shine away. What’s more, it will likewise be a lot bigger as the small version has 8 feet of height inside the tent, and the large variant has 9.8 feet of height inside the tent.

The glamping tent additionally includes A shaped entrance on the front of the tent with a rock solid zipper entrance, a mosquito net for the front when you need to open the tent yet would prefer not to welcome the bugs inside, alongside a waterproof ground sheet that gets secured with the tent wall to make a breeze and rain safe seal.

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