Paw Grips Are Perfect for Your Dogs

Does your dog stumbling around the floor like on a slip n’ slide? Or maybe your dog will not be able to stand up after he sits down? Chances are the hardwood, tiles, laminate, vinyl or painted cement flooring, right? Such floors can look great, and can be easily cleaned. But he might be walking on ice to your dog as well-he can’t get a grip. Your dog could look adorably cute as he stumbles across your clumsily floor, or glides around like an ice skater. But those tumbles pose a serious threat to his health. Such special dog paw grips can enable your dog to increase a superior hold on any dangerous floor, shielding them from slipping around while walking, playing, or even simply moving down without moving their legs away.

The dog paw grips arrive in a lot of different sizes to fit pretty much every size dog and dog paw. Utilizing a self-adhesive stick, they immediately attach to the bottoms of every one of their feet. They pretty much become shoes for your dogs, as they can likewise protect the dog’s paws from getting injured by jumping on sharp items or keeping away burns from walking on blistering surfaces in the late spring, for example, tar walkways, driveways and roadways.

The dog paw grips are made of silicone non-slip and breathable texture to help give them the most ideal hold on your slippery floor. You will get 6 sets of 4 dog paw pads each time you buy (24 aggregate). These are ideal for aging dogs who are never able to keep up their hold, puppies who are just attempting to keep their balance on hard wood floors, just as arthritic dogs, and dogs with poor hip joints and legs.

You’ll need to ensure that you’re picking the correct size dog paw grip for your dog to ensure they remain as long as possible. After checking their paw pads and measuring their weight, they give a guide that lets you check which size would be most appropriate for your pooch.

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