Magnetic Eyelashes Are Perfect for Your Daily Gatherings

Any other person out there has an association of love hate with their fake lashes? I love the manner in which they look however I hate that it is so exhausting to get them on. There is a lash out there for all your problems, whatever the occasion, whatever the shape of the eye. The newest lash technology to hit our shelves are the MoxieLash Classy Kits with eyeliner and eyelash duo.


You read that right… magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes! The need to mess with a cheap, clumpy stick is gone, disturbing your eyes and harming your eyelashes. This eyeliner with dark gel is non-clingy, non-oily, stick free, smirch evidence and waterproof. Truth be told, MoxiLash is so comfortable in their line that they state it works a similar path as your standard eyeliner. This incredible eyeliner can be utilized with any attractive lashes and you’ll get 100 + applications for one bottle. The lashes themselves are said to be up to multiple times reusable before you ought to consider trading them for a new pair.

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