Innovative Snap Power

Snap Power makes ingenious replacement of switches and outlet covers, including features like LED nightlights and USB chargers. How it operates, the plate has a tiny sensor at its bottom that senses as dark it is and when it reaches a certain level of darkness, 3 LED lights turn on at the bottom of the plate.

It just bodes well looking at this logically. Your outlets as of now have power (clearly), so why install additional guidelights in your home when you could mount them effectively in your present outlets.

The night-light outlets are perfect with any standard wall outlet and are easy to install in seconds. Simply expel the present outlet plate and snap the outlet plate for the guidelight into your wall.

The outlet guidelights are not controlled by any batteries you will need to recharge, cost around 10 cents for each year to utilize, utilize quality LEDs that keep going for up to 25 + years, and are a similar size as any standard wall outlet board.

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