These Hen Bags are Egg-cellent Handbags

Here is some hot trendy stuff called the chicken handbag, which looks like a perfect chicken. It is very ideal for the ladies to have a purse that looks like a chicken. It is as cool as a gift item should be. This chicken bag is made from silicone rubber, with a nylon base. The light weight chicken rubber bag is fun to carry around. The actual zipper is 6inches long with a small pocket in it. Overall, it measures 13inches from beak to butt and 8inches wide. It is water resistant and perfect for storing items in it.chicken handbag Hen Bag

Two variants have been introduced within the same product category. The other one is a mini version which measures 5inches by 3inches. Such kind of trendy things becomes essentials often to keep cards, money, keys and more. Also, there is another type of bag which is chicken crossbody bag that comes with shoulder straps and has wider space too.

Hen hand Bag


The bag seems to be a great success as it is widely viral on the social media and on online stores. There are higher number of views for it on all platforms. Whether it be in the form of chicken shoulder bag or simple rubber chicken bag, what has amused people it the appearance of it. This offering brings a smile whoever carries it or even if you look someone carrying. It has rapidly entered into fashion circles.

The chicken purse is hilarious birthday gift as well for your mom and sister. This time you should make some one smile with a birthday present. This form of hand bag reflects novelty and great piece of innovation under the female accessories’ category. This season, the hottest items is the hen handbag which is available for sale. Simply order now and get it delivered.

chicken shoulder bag

rubber chicken bag


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