Unique Pencil Grips

As an occupational therapist, I’ve seen many ways in which children hold pencils. This is all right sometimes and sometimes it is not. While many teachers do not have the time during their busy days to discuss pencil grip, the way a child grips a pencil directly affects his or her ability to develop legible handwriting. Such special pencil grips contain finger slots that will teach your children exactly how to keep a pencil in them.

Not exclusively are these pencil grips a convenient way to guarantee that your children are accurately holding their writing utensils, however it additionally gives a lot of padding while at the same time holding to ensure your children ‘ hands don’t get excessively sore while composing or drawing for long periods.

If your kid holds pencils with his entire hand like most children start with, those pencil grips with finger spaces will without a doubt work and show them in a split second how they are appropriately held up. There’s an opening for both their thumb and forefinger, and a loop underneath those fingers for your center finger to rest in, so there’s actually no space for mistake.

The finger-opened pencil grips come in either a 3, 6, or 9 pack contingent upon the amount you need, have an empty ventilation system to prevent sweat-soaked fingers from getting while they are very delicate and comfortable to use inside the spaces, are made of top notch silicone and arrive in an variety of colors.

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