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Garbage bins are too useful at homes, especially in kitchens. But it becomes very irritating the bin is too small to hold all the garbage. This leads to clean the bin very often. This becomes hectic. Why not get the compact bin that create extra space to hold more garbage.  This overcomes the problem of cleaning it frequently and extends the space for holding more garbage.

Trash Compactor compact bin

Titan trash compactor does have all the features that you are looking for. It has the capability to compact the trash without taking the garbage out. The kitchen trash compactor allows to fill the bin till the brim. Once it reaches this level, you can pull up the handle and start pushing down.

Titan trash compactor

This creates additional space once the garbage is pushed down and without getting your hands messy the handle does all the job. Built-in handle keeps your hand from getting in contact with the trash while compacting. It is made with an anti-tear design that will not rip or pinch standard and custom-fit bin liners.

best trash compactor

Once the handle is pushed down, the two arms close and makes the garbage compact. The bin is made of standard plastic liners with extra strong custom fit liners. The garbage bin easily allows to reduce trash volume by 65% and is a peace of mind. What makes it best trash compactor is that it comprises of the integrated odor control filter.

carbon filter of trash bin

This is placed in a small compartment inside; the lid holds it and is replaceable. This carbon filter compartment soaks the smell of hot trash. The bin contains a step which can be softly pressed by feet to throw off the trash in. Now this makes a great addition in to your home. It is smart, holds more volume of garbage and creates no fuss.

trash bin

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