Sushi Tower Helps to Make Towers of Sushi and Rice

You may most likely throw a lot of rice, sushi, and different ingredients into a bowl and consider it a dinner, yet that is simply not tasteful by any means. Wouldn’t it be simpler to have it stacked in a shocking, strong tower that would make you need not to eat it, just to keep up its magnificence?! The Sushi Tower does only that, it’s a gadget that lets you fabricate delightful sushi and rice towers that will most likely intrigue your visitors.

sushi tower with rice

The Tower kit is a stainless steel container that lets you helpfully lay your food down and spread it with a stomper so it can avoid the builder of tower once. Just insert and move each layer of food down with the pack and add your next ingredient.

sushi tower

When you’ve done placing in and stepping the entirety of your ingredients, basically place the sushi tower on your serving plate and remove the base plate by rapidly sliding it out and expelling the fundamental sushi tower bin. You’ll be left with a noteworthy sushi tower with the entirety of your ingredients stacked perfectly.


The Sushi Tower isn’t just valuable for making sushi towers, it fits for any eating diet specialties. Since you are the one that places in each ingredient, you can fabricate your own food tower, regardless of what is inside. However, it simply must resemble rice is formable. The Tower is made of premium hardened steel development and is overly simple to clean since it is fine for dishwasher, and storage is simple with the included sushi tower holder.

sushi rice tower
sushi tower with rice
best sushi tower
sushi tower
best sushi tower with rice
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