Stubby Strip Lets You Carry 7 Drinks

If you’re attempting to bring a lot of drinks at a party, BBQ, or picnic for consumption, however don’t have any desire to tie them like this to your bike, at that point this drink holder from Stubby Strip might be for you. The Stubby Strip offers an advantageous handle to helpfully cart around your favorite beers, water, or soft drink pops, equipped for carrying up to 7 beverages at once utilizing just one hand. Essentially slide your beverages into the gadget’s openings, move them up, and you go ahead.

Stubby Strip

Essentially slide a frozen water bottle into the middle slot if you need to keep your refreshments cold while transporting them. This way, every other beverage will be in contact with the frozen bottle, thereby holding it cold later when you arrive at your destination for a cooling drink. The spaces of the beers are easy to remove your brew in and from the pouches while not being hauled around. Yet, when you wrap it up and begin to hold it with the handle, it will put weight on the bottles, guaranteeing that they don’t drop out while holding them.

stubby strip drink holder

The Stubby Strip drink holder comes in two separate models to browse, an original version, and an exceptional version, an extraordinary blessing thought for beer consumers, camping enthusiasts, outdoor individuals, or simply your normal trendy person. For quicker and more helpful travel, the exceptional form accompanies an advantageous shoulder tackle, alongside a separable koozie, so you can have 6 on your shoulder and 1 in your hand. For premium quality, the superior version is additionally double stitched.

best stubby strip drink holder

The Stubby Strip arrives in a lot of various examples and tones to browse, carries bottles , jars, and even containers of wine around effectively, and is incredible for closely tailgating, sailing, fishing, chasing, outdoors, parties, celebrations, beach or pools walks, games, and more.

drink holder by stubby strip
Stubby Strip drink tote
Stubby Strip Portable Drink Carrier
stubby strip Drink Carrier
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