Star Wars Toasts Tie Fighter Image

If you thought Star Wars had made many Star Wars themed toaster ovens as they possibly could, think again. I mean, for example, they actually have Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO left. With this new Death Star Toaster, that takes their total to 3 Star Wars Toasters, and each and everyone toasts a Star Wars themed picture on each slice of bread you toast. With the Death Star Toaster, each slice of bread is toasted with an image of a Tie Fighter.

Star Wars Toasts

A cool-touch housing highlights the Death Star toaster oven that won’t consume you if you contact it when it is toasting. The system additionally has a defrost mode that will assist with defrosting solidified frozen breads, alongside a quick-stop/cancel button that will spring up your bread quickly and stop the way toward toasting.

Death Star toaster oven

The toaster oven’s body looks much like the pre-explosion Death Star. The device takes up to 2 bread slices and has extra-long openings that can fit extra-huge toast items. The Death Star toaster oven additionally contains an adjustable thermostat, a removable crumb plate for fast cleaning on the edge, loads 3.2 lbs, and measures 9.8 inches x 6.8 inches in breadth.

pre-explosion Death Star oven
the oven of pre-explosion Death Star
Star Wars Death Star 2-Slice Toaster
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