Splendid Canopy Chair – A Solution for Unsheltered Picnic!

Month of July is finally here! Which means displays of fireworks and of BBQs. By being as relaxed as possible. Enjoy whatever outdoor activity your family has planned. We have everything you need for a fun-filled vacation right here with the perfect chair for your outing and fantastic holiday-themed dinner. The Splendid Canopy Chair is the perfect chair for outdoor activities such as cooking outdoor, outdoor concerts or park activities.¬†¬†This chair is perfect for your little ones also. The Canopy Chair is the ideal solution if you don’t want your kids sitting on your lap all night but don’t think they’ll like the ground.
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With Bug Protection, it’s known as the Kelsyus Canopy Chair and may very well make me need to go outside once more. Ideal for watching sporting events of your child, in the park, on the beach, in a cabin, while outside, climbing and much more.

Features of Canopy Chair:

The splendid canopy chair also features weights on the bottom of the net to prevent it from breaking up in the wind. Pockets in the canopy allow the net to be tightly packed in while not in use. The canopy has an integrated shoulder strap for easy carrying. And is made of a powder-coated steel frame. Along with an over-sized breathable, ergonomic mesh cover. The front edge of the seat is built not to be cut into your legs while seated, plus an integrated cup holder with a protective o-ring on the chair.

In only few seconds, the canopy chair with bug screen and a sun protection canopy sets up and overlap down. And includes two zippers on the front edges that let you open it to get out or show signs of better view. The seat’s shelter partition additionally fills in as a carrying bag when collapsed down to the floor. The top is waterproof as well. Yet risks are you’ll despite everything get somewhat wet if the rain is coming some other way other than straight.

The camping canopy chair with bug screen will accommodate adults weighing up to 250 lbs, weights 11 lbs. And measures 37.5 inches long x 34.25 inches wide x 51 inches tall when fully set up.

If you need to be covered from rain rather than bugs. A similar company gives an version of the chair that has a completely waterproof rain cover. And if you decide to remain outside in the rain for whatever event. You can sit directly on your outdoors chair and be totally protected from water and warmth.

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