SofaSpanx – Repurpose Your Old Sofa into New One

Is it accurate to say that you are continually looking for approaches to redecorate your home and liven it up? Need a basic, quick, inexpensive approach to make an old sofa look pristine or remain new. It’s not in every case simple to cover TV and magazines with lovely inside spreads exhibiting a variety of luxury furniture decisions. We understand that purchasing another sofa like every few years when you see one you like more has neither rhyme nor reason. Then enter SofaSpanx! It is stretchy and vigorous, ensuring both phenomenal flexibility and comfort! Spare your new sofa from regular mileage, spills and stains or give it a new. Restored look to your preferred old couch as opposed to purchasing an entire crisp one.
Adjustable Desk


SofaSpanx causes you to change your couch color and design spontaneously, without burning through hundreds or even a huge number of dollars on a shiny new couch. Furthermore, with this spread, you cannot just alter your perspective as much as you might want, yet this spread likewise gives incredible security to the basic love seat, guaranteeing that it can keep going for a long time to come.

best SofaSpanx

The high versatile cover is flexible and slip-safe. Guaranteeing that each one of those Netflix and loosen up hours are advantageous for you and your goods. Also, the entire couch is embraced by this unique course of action. So, there are no bulky straps ties to look for perfect spot. This cover should remain set up with no requirement for re-tucking or modification after use. SofaSpanx is the best way to protect your sofa from sticky feet, dirty spills and muddy hands if you’ve got children or pets.

SofaSpanx sofa

What SofaSpanx Made Of?

The high-quality texture is made of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex Jaquard Fiber, and is launderable by machine. This couch cover is accessible in four unique sizes so you’ll make certain to discover one that suits your requirements. Just check the separation between the two parts of the bargains couch to locate the correct size: 90-140 cm, Loveseat couch: 140-185 cm, L-style sectional: 190-230 cm, U-style Sectional: 235 – 300 cm.

best SofaSpanx sofa

How to Use SofaSpanx:

You should initially find the “BACK” imprint and spot it in the center of the rear of your couch to utilize the SofaSpanx. You slip the cover over the couch once you have that set up. And afterward fold the abundance texture into the holes between the back sofa and the cushions. Smooth the cover, at that point tie the strings over the base to guarantee that it stays set up. Presently you have another sofa (or possibly it will look that way)!

Sofa Spanx sofa

best Sofa Spanx sofa

Sofa Spanx

best Sofa Spanx

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