Smart Mug Keeps Your Coffee At The Perfect Temperature

Pretty much some coffee that I get, I attempt to chug it down while it’s hot, as it will be room temperature in only a couple of moments. However what is the situation with cold espresso? How is frosted espresso so great and room temperature espresso is about the most noticeably terrible fluid at any point made for tasting? This exceptional smart mug called Ember will hold the ideal temperature for your coffee.

Smart Mug

Ember smart mug associates with your smart phone by means of an application that encourages you to set the ideal temperature for your coffee. At the point when you pour the espresso and set the temperature you need, your coffee should chill off all alone until it hits your temperature.

Ember smart mug

When your coffee hits the temperature you set in the application, it will give you a phone message that you can drink your coffee without contemplating getting scorched. So if you step off, you will in a flash realize that your coffee is a great idea to go. Your coffee will at that point remain completely warmed until it’s gone at your ideal temperature.

best ember Smart Mug

The smart coffee mug interfaces with your cell phone by means of Bluetooth, and empowers you to set a custom color on the cup by means of an inside LED. Certain highlights of the smart mug incorporates the capacity to move among Celsius and Fahrenheit, empowering you to set explicit drinking temperatures for different kinds of refreshments.

smart coffee mug interfaces

The smart mug from Ember accompanies a remote charging base that permits you to put the mug down and begin charging immediately. The mug has an inside battery that holds your refreshment hot for as long as 2 hours relying upon various variables. At the point when the battery comes up short on the mug, you will get a notice on your cell phone to tell you ahead of time, before your beverage gets cold.

smart mug from Ember

The smart mug comes in white or dark colors to look over, and works with most current iOS and Android gadgets, and can likewise work with smart watches so you can screen your coffee or tea temperature directly out of your wrist.

ember temperature control smart mug
best ember temperature control smart mug
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