Slow Feeder Allows Your Dog to Enjoy Treat During Bath

I don’t have any idea about your pets, however when my dog is getting a treat, there’s hardly anything that may prevent him from devoring the treat. The house could be on fire. And before he could spare himself he would keep on devor each and every piece. That is the thing that makes this distraction device for dog baths so valuable! It’s a clingy, slow feeder that occupies your pooch while giving them a shower.
Slow Feed Dog Tray

Slow treat Feeder

No all the more fighting the pooch into the water and keep it there when you’re swimming. Paste little bit of nutty spread onto the Slow Feeder. Slap it onto your shower wall, and begin cleaning your pooch as they gradually eat up your treat.

best Slow treat Feeder

The Slow Treater dog bath distraction feeder is made of 100 percent silicone with the goal that you can even freeze the treats onto the feeder before utilizing it. So it will last more. The device is likewise loaded up with huge amounts of little stubs that will make it significantly harder for your canine to quickly eat up the nutty spread.

 treat slow feeder

The Slow Feeder sticks effectively to each surface, fits well with the Aquapaws one-gave hound washing device. It has three wings for simple placement on your wall. Includes a scratching spoon/blade edge to get every single piece on the feeder, and is secure for speedy cleaning.

best treat slow feeder
Slow Feeder sticks
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