SlotDog Allows Your Hot Dogs to Cook Perfectly Every-Time

How frequently did you throw your wiener on the grill just to have it come off inside with a gigantic crack down in its center? The SlotDog, in all honesty, isn’t just the name of the sausages served at club on a casinos, yet in addition the name of a device that cuts slots into your hot dogs so they are totally cooked perfectly every time.


The Slot Dog additionally encourages the sausage to extend as it cooks, which permits the smoke and the barbecue flavor to venture profoundly into the hot dog, not just ideal for cooking your hot dogs evenly. Scoring the wiener additionally causes it feasible for each cut edge to caramelize with juices and crisp up impeccably at whatever point you grill.

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Essentially press the unit down on any skinless wiener to utilize the SlotDog, before the blades pierce to your ideal depth. You should then remove the wiener from the sharp edges and imitate it on the contrary side of the sausage while you are on the BBQ to abstain from curling. You would then be able to rehash similar method on any measure of hot dogs you serve.

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Rather than having all that sneak off aside, the scores and cuts all through the sausage’s length additionally permit the hot dog to seize all the toppings you put on it. The Slot Dog is proposed for use with non-frozen skinless hot dogs, is dishwasher safe in the top rack, and can cut into sausages with a most extreme length of 9.5 inches.

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