Slime Cleans All the Dust Hard to Reach

Tired of cleaning jobs because they are time consuming and hard to clean? Now the Slime is here to help you clean even the minute particles of dust. Slime is a kind of rub ball that can reach places easily and pull the dust along.  This is what the new stuff is capable of doing.

rub ball cleaner

It looks like a ball of goop that can be pushed and rolled into accessories to pull the debris. It is more ideal to clean the dust from car dashboards, car ac slots, keyboard buttons, cup holders, etc. The cleaning slim is made from the bio-degradable gel that is non-sticky and can pick debris from small areas, cracks, etc. It leaves behind a sweet fragrance which makes it more pleasant to use.

slime cleaner for car

In order to clean the car interior, you can simply put some gel into a ball. Then slowly press into car vent and other areas that needs to be cleaned. The cleaning stuff can be used multiple times until needs to be replaced. It comes in a cannister that keeps the gel sealed to avoid being dried. It should be placed back into cannister after use and the lid should be closed properly.

slime cleaner gel


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