Shoulder Carrier Gives Both of Your Hands Free While Walking

The SaddleBaby is your youngster’s hands free shoulder carrier that will give you both hands free allowed to chat on the phone, widdle a stick, walk the dogs etc. You will at this point don’t need to consider where you are, or you will no longer need the retractable rope appended to your backpack.

Shoulder Carrier

The gadget is connected on top of your shoulders and around your stomach, like the PiggyBack Rider Belt, and is suitable for youngsters aged 2-5. The SaddleBaby is ideal for the zoo, entertainment meccas, fairs, or while on a walk, permitting your kid to be carried around in comfort while as yet getting around rapidly and still knowing where your kid is in a crowded or hazardous spot.

hands free shoulder carrier

There are three unique versions of the Saddle Kid, the regular version that just associates with your body, a variant that appends to any backpack you may have, and a version that accompanies its own backpack. The SaddleBaby energizes parent-kid bonding, enables the two parties to appreciate more outdoor activities, and is made of top notch materials, including mechanical velcro and flexible clasps to make sure about the seat for your kid.

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